June 27th, 2019

New Plans

As many of you know my wife and I were planning to head out to Burkina Faso, West Africa this coming September on a six month Internship. We found out some very exciting news that has changed our plans drastically. We are having a baby! God has greatly gifted us with this precious tiny life and we ask your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery! Our due date is during our original Internship timeline. After talking with wise council we do not feel it is wise to try and have the baby in Burkina Faso since we are only going for six months. We are still taking our internship. Lord Willing, we will be having the baby in January of 2020 and headed to Burkina with baby in hand shortly after! If you have given toward our internship your donation is with Vision Baptist Missions and will will be kept safely until we leave for Burkina in 2020. We will be personally contacting all those who have already given to discuss any questions or concerns.

So What Now?

We now have almost a year to wait that we did not have before. Emily and I were both eager and curious as to what God would do with this next year as we wait the arrival of baby Wilkerson. The door God opened was an exciting surprise to us!

We were accepted as missionaries to West Africa with Vision Baptist Missions!

I have completed nearly 2 years at the Our Generation Training Center! Over these two years I have had the chance to sit under incredible Bible teaching and missions training. My wife and I will now begin the deputation trails leading up to our Internship in 2020. Following our Internship we will continue deputation until we are completely supported for full-time missions work.

Are we currently raising money for Internship or full time missions work in West Africa?

We are prepared to answer this question many times this up coming year. The answer is Both! We will be raising funds for our six month Internship but giving the option to support us full time to each church we visit.

Lord willing, this is the timeline we are shooting for!

All this being said we are fully aware of God being the ultimate determiner of our path. We plan to prepare, but we are willing to be molded to whatever future God has in store for us! Thank you for your support and prayers. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

IMMEDIATE prayer requests

  • Healthy baby and mama

  • Safe traveling on deputation

  • Lord’s provision financially

  • See souls saved on deputation

  • More laborers to be raised up for the field